| Born in Pavia, Italy, November 1932, lives in Milan, Italy |

School - Lombard (Milan). From the beginning of his career Agostino Zaliani received critical acclaim and public recognition for his ability to express himself through his artwork. Clarity of image, serenity of subjects and accurate attention to every detail make him one of the most important Italian artists.

Number of plates - 420

Preferred techniques - Etching

Favorite subject - Landscapes, Courts, Farms, Lombard Water Mills

Style - Impressionist, Classic. Multiple bites. Zinc plates.

Present -- Mondadori, Grafica d’Arte, DIC, Museum Bertarelli. In all important galleries and private collection in Italy and Europe.

Exhibitions and Prix - From 1977 in all important Galleries, Museums and private collections in Italy and Europe:
Biblioteca Comunale Sormani di Milano (Italy); Biblioteca Comunale Paullo ; Gallery "San Carlo" of Milan; Accademia dei Concordi, Rovigo; Museo di Milano, Comune di Milano; Gallery "Bolzani", Gallery "Minerva"; Galleria del Incisione, Alzai Naviglio Grande, Milan (Italy), etc…
His work on the books and collections of engravings:
Le Stagioni (Edition-La Spirale, Milan, Italy); Joli Milan. Luoghi della Milano di Stendhal (Scardelli, Milan); Terra Lombarda (Scardelli, Milan); Vecchi mulini in Brianza (La Spirale, Milan); Otto autori otto stampe (Bandini, Milan); Milano che sfugge (Luigi Maestri, Milan), Cartella con due acquaforti (INClub, Florence), etc…

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