| Born in Santo Stefano Magra, Italy, December 29, 1920, lives in Florence. |

School -- Belongs to the Tuscan school. A graduate of the Istituto d’Arte in Florence where he studied under Capelli and Parigi; he was Rosai’s assistant at the Accademia. Faraoni struck his first plate in 1937 and held his first show in 1942. Rosai wrote: "One is tempted to make sweeping statements and yield to an unmeasurable enthusiasm".

Number of plates -- 900

Preferred technique -- Etching, woodcut

Favorite subject -- Figure, Natura morta

Style -- Expressionist, Figurative. His line following Chiappelli’s teaching, is sharp, broken, clearly defining the areas of light and shadows. Faraoni uses zinc plate.

Present -- Bolaffi, Mondadori, Dizionario degli Incisori di L. Servolini, Dizionario della Stampa d’Arte di Paolo Bellini, DIC, Museum Bertarelli, etc.

Exhibitions and prix -- Biennials in Venezia (Prix 1961, 1968); Graphic Biennials in Florence; Triennials in Milan; III Biennials of Citadella (1979); Intergrafik (Berlin 1984, 1987); I and II Biennale Nazionale di Incisione "Alberto Martini" (Oderzo 1988, 1990); Biennale Internationale di Biella (Prix 1993).
In all important Italian and European Biennials, Museums and Art Galleries.

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