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Featured Artists - Painters

Jadranka Munitic

(Dubrovnik, Croatia) 

One of the most renowned contemporary artist in Croatia, loved by the public for her large, strongly colored and hypnotic canvases. Located in the charming Old Town, Jadranka Munitic is highly respected by artists, curators and locals alike, and a wonderful surprise for the tourists strolling around the medieval streets of Dubrovnik, looking for original Croatian art.   Profoundly in love with her native town, Jadranka Mihajlovic Munitic recreates an almost fantastic view of Dubrovnik’s symbols and landmarks such the Rector’s Palace, the Cathedral, the harbor, the boats, the old streets and the sea.   

Sam Zamian

 Sam Zumian was born in 1953. As an artist he builds his own understanding of life and illustrates it through his art. Over ten years he has mastered paintings and black-and-white art. With the enthusiasm, dedication and drive that Sam Zumian has, he is able to make his own creative interpretation of reality. He makes his own findings in life and discoveries his own ideas of law. In his oil paintings, he focuses on claiming of the aesthetics of the unconscious and the laws of nature which lies beneath it. He doesn’t waste time on the plot, instead uses one or two figures for crucial forces. All the art that Sam Zumian has painted, they all share something deviously dreadful, clear and mysterious at the same time. 


 Born in 1951 in Irapuato Guanajuato, Mexico. Vazquez is a visual artist, heir of the Guanajuato artistic tradition, with a rhythmic expressionist language, closely related to music, men’s passions and the every way of life. His visual improvisations and the sceneries have appeared with key jazz musicians. Named by Carlos Montemayor as the third great artist of Guanajuato, along with Diego Rivera and Chavez Morado. Vazquez is a representative of the generation of the 50’s of Mexican contemporary painting, with dozens of national and international awards, considered by specialized critics as a prolific and versatile artist in constant evolution. 

Featured Artists - Graphic Artists

Faraoni, Enzo

 Enzo Faraoni is a great painter and engraver from Florence; he expresses the poetic everyday life of simple and concrete things throughout a delicate chromatic range.   Born in Santo Stefano Magra, Italy, December 29, 1920, lives in Florence.
School -- Belongs to the Tuscan school. A graduate of the Istituto d’Arte in Florence where he studied under Capelli and Parigi; he was Rosai’s assistant at the Accademia. Faraoni struck his first plate in 1937 and held his first show in 1942. Rosai wrote: “One is tempted to make sweeping statements and yield to an immeasurable enthusiasm”.   

Kurt Labitzke

  Curt Labitzke was born in Queens, New York, 1958. He first learned to draw and paint by apprenticing with his father who was a painter/graphic designer in New York City. He received his MFA from The University of Notre Dame in 1984 with a focus on printmaking, painting and drawing. Labitzke’s work is primarily influenced by his interest in using the portrait and posture of the figure as a means of conveying an implied narrative. These large-scale images encourage a wide variety of interpretations that often provoke empathy for the subject within the viewer. His work is also informed by an ongoing interest in art history to include Roman portrait busts, Renaissance drawing, Neo-classical painting and the world of contemporary photography.   

Zaliani, Agostino

 | Born in Pavia, Italy, November 1932, lives in Milan, Italy |
  School - Lombard (Milan). From the beginning of his career Agostino Zaliani received critical acclaim and public recognition for his ability to express himself through his artwork. Clarity of image, serenity of subjects and accurate attention to every detail make him one of the most important Italian artists. 

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